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For a business, having what you need when you need it is very important. A business owner wants to make sure everything works and have peace of mind. Having offices in Europe and the Middle East, we have made sure to meet that need with our competitive conditions.

By offering our customers globally competitive and optimal sales conditions and prices, we facilitate the process of trading for you and your company.

At Niotex Trading Company, we are professionals so you don’t have to be.  As a general trading company, we have the complete infrastructure to provide, transfer, and deliver your requirements in time.



We supply tools and facilities that are used in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry including upstream and downstream. We are highly experienced in pneumatic, hydraulic, pumps, valves, control systems, filtration, measurements systems. These are a few parts of what we can supply, as we also provide electronic devices used in the petroleum industry.


Niotex Trading provides the required tools for companies that are in the steel industry as it provides them with iron ores and more. All the tools and machines related to processing iron ore into final products such as equipment of furnaces, cutting tools, filters, and welding devices. Furthermore, we can supply the final products such as pipes, slabs, and billets.


Working conditions on a mining site are often rough which places high demands on tools and service on your mining equipment. We supply all types of mining tools, equipment and machines for hammering and crushing purposes. These are some but not all the parts we can provide as we can also supply the spare parts of the equipment you currently use for mining purposes.


We provide devices that facilitate connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering and processing, security, updating, management and more. MQTT, HTTP, and other protocols can be used for this purpose but the key thing about device gateway is that it’s not protocol specific and this opens room for more innovation.


Niotex Trading is experienced in Automotive Industry as it has been supplying machines and parts for assisting your business through factory automation, car production, and has also been providing spare parts for your currently running machines for a long time.


Hydraulic Units

 Hydraulic Pumps and Valves, Hydraulic Units, Cylinders, Servo Cylinders, Modular, Proportional and Cartridge Valves and Electronics


Solenoid valves to control the flow of Air, Gas, Water, Oil and Steam, On/Off and Proportional Valves


Filtration, Fluid Management, Sensors and Measurement, Hydraulic filters, Replacement Filters and Accessories, Air Filter, Seal Set for Filter

Control Systems

Flow Rate and Pressure Control Valves, Mobile Control Valves, Valve remote control systems, Process Control and Tank Level Measuring Systems


Gear and Vane Pumps, Valves, Accumulators, Cylinders and Electronics,  Bent-axis and in-line Axial Piston Pumps and Motors

Pneumatic Units

Pneumatic Valve Systems, Compact Cylinders, Vacuum Technology, Maintenance Units and Pneumatic Fittings, Actuators and Compressed Air Preparation


Piston Pumps and Motors, Orbital Motors, Electric Motors


Couplings and Other Power Transmission Components

Hammer and Crusher

Hammer, Crane Hoist, Bushing, Pin, Bearing, Mounting Brackets, Hose Assembly


Different Types of Electrodes Used in Steel Companies


Different Types of Gearboxes Used in Steel Companies


Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel, Seam-less, Cold Drawing and Many Others


Equipment for Car Audio Test Production Line, Car Audio Test System and Production Know-how, And More


 Know-how of a Production Line, Motors for Automatic Packing Line, SMT Lines, Spare Parts, and More



State-of-the-Art Consultancy for Providing the Right Products and Solutions

repairs and maintenance

Your Trusted Partner for Repairing and Maintaining the Provided Parts and Machines

turnkey engineering solutions

Your Trusted Partner for Engineering and Procuring Your Industrial Projects


Giving You Professional Engineering Knowledge and Solution for Your Business Projects

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